Elementary Schools 2016 Grants

K­1 SmartBoards ($66,272)

Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms in all three elementary school will receive SmartBoard technology. The installation of SmartBoards in K­1 classrooms will enhance teachers ability to deliver curriculum in the areas of math, science and reading and provide a vehicle for interactive learning in these grades.

Lisa Ultan, Staff Developer, Chappaqua Central School District; Josh Block, Instructional Technology Teacher, Chappaqua Central School District

Kindergarten SmartTable ($5398)

This grant provides for the acquisition of a SmartTable that will be shared by the Roaring Brook kindergarten teachers. The SmartTable will allow students to work in small groups and develop group problem solving skills in a variety of curricular areas. By having access to a SmartTable, teachers will be able to differentiate work and allow all learners to reach their full potential.

Stefanie Kandalaft, Kindergarten Teacher, Roaring Brook

Maker Project ($55,975)

This grant supports the growth and establishment of Maker Programs in each of the three elementary schools. Makerspaces are learning centers with tools and materials that allow students to solve problems and design solutions through creativity, revision and collaboration. The Maker Curriculum combines hi­tech and low­tech equipment. Through work with Media Specialists and Technology Fellows in each building, teachers and students are encouraged to think differently about problem solving. Maker activities provide opportunities for students to learn in a more active, “hands­on” environment.

Ellen Moskowitz, Technology Developer, Zach Arnold, Josh Block, Instructional Technology Teachers, Chappaqua Central School District; Alison Turner, Library Media Specialist, Debra Alspach, Assistant Principal, Grafflin Elementary School; Chris Eidem, Library Media Specialist, William Yang Assistant Principal, Roaring Brook Elementary School; Jerry Sulli, Library Media Specialist, James Skoog, Principal, Annie Piekarski, Assistant Principal, Westorchard Elementary School

Poster Maker ($5094)

Elementary students will benefit from the production of quality materials for instruction and learning through teachers use of this specially designed oversized printer. Visual displays enhance and stimulate student learning and support development and execution of curriculum instruction.

Megan Emerson, Special Education Teacher, Debbie Lenaghan, First Teacher, Grafflin Elementary School

ZSpace 3D Learning Platform ($30,149)

ZSpace is a virtual reality system that brings various science and other curricular areas to life in the eyes and hands of students. Students wear specifically designed and engineered glasses and hold special stylus utensils that allow students to engage in virtual activities and and experience learning and work collaboratively. Four of these devices will be piloted at Grafflin Elementary School and used in small group instruction.

Mara Cohen, Fourth Grade Teacher, Grafflin Elementary School

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