2016-2017 InstaGrants

InstaGrants are grants for less than $2500 and approved throughout the year allowing for a fast track review of smaller requests and for grant implementation during the school year.


Women in STEAM Art, Paul Bianchi, Science Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

STEAM Hydroponics, Mike DeBellis, Science Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

Sewing Machines, Jennifer Schmidt, Art Teacher; Madison Rosenthal, Nancy Wei, students, Horace Greeley High School


Bell Science Department Microscope Enhancement, Jessica Sansavera, Science Teacher, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Hispanic Heritage Book Clubs, Amy Durante, Caitlin Murphy, Foreign Language Teachers, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Indoor Hydroponics, Dana Dince, Teaching Assistant, Linda Bosco, Parent, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Tiny House Project, Chris Stasi, Technology Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

FitStep Pro Pedometers, Christine Catapano, Brady Kittredge, Physical Education Teachers, Seven Bridges Middle School


Move to Learn/The Flexible Classroom, Ann Marie Scalici, Meghan Keeler, Fourth Grade Teachers, Roaring Brook Elementary School

Westorchard Nature Trail and Inspirational Garden, Stephanie Kasulka, Eileen Trotta and Emma Terjesen, Students, James Skoog, Principal, Westorchard Elementary School

Innovative Chairs, Sandi Schassler, Yvonne Davies, Marissa Boniello, Debbie Lenaghan, First Grade Teachers, Grafflin Elementary School