Middle Schools 2016 Grants

Gedney Brook Study ($9738)

This grant will allow 8th grade Seven Bridges students to engage in a long term ecological/environmental study of the Gedney Brook located on the Seven Bridges campus. Curriculum will be enhanced with the addition of data probes, hand held devices and other equipment enabling students to gain maximum value from this outdoor learning experience.

Ray LoGiudici, Gabriella Rubeo, Science Teachers, Seven Bridges Middle School

21st Century Reading/Writing Workshop ($13669.59)

This grant will provide for the reconfiguration of a seventh grade English classroom to better facilitate the workshop model of reading and writing instruction by creating six different working stations to be used to support students efforts, promote collaboration, foster independence and generate more authentic work environments.

Tiffany DePeralta, English Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

3D Printers ($14,592.08)

Adding 3D printers to the Bell technology department which will allow for the introduction of 3D design curriculum to 6th grade students and the enhancement of design curriculum in the later grades.

Robert Raguette, Technology Teacher, Robert E. Bell Middle School

– See more at: http://chappaquaschoolfoundation.org/grants/grants-overview/#sthash.yBhPdJSx.dpuf