About CSF Student Advisory Council (“CSF SAC”)

The CSF SAC is a student-run, CSF Board-supported, advisory group whose role is to include and amplify student voice to support the mission of the Chappaqua School Foundation. The Horace Greeley High School (HGHS) CSF SAC was founded in school year 2014-15 with eight members, and has grown to over 60 students at HGHS in school year 2017-18.

For the first time since its establishment, in 2016, CSF SAC members received school community service awards for their work on behalf of Horace Greeley High School.

CSF SAC has over 60 members from freshman to seniors, allowing the council to have a wide variety of inputs from a diverse group of students.

CSF SAC core functions:

  • Provide student voice to enhance teaching and learning in the Chappaqua Central School District
  • Analyze the impact and usage of CSF-funded grants and present the information to teachers, administrators, and board members
  • Develop student leadership skills, management consulting, data analysis, technology, marketing, grant-writing, public speaking and communications
  • Submit student-generated grants
  • Meet bi-weekly with 60 members of the council
  • Choose and review grants based on interest 
  • Issue teacher and student surveys to collect additional data 
  • Present analysis at mid-year Tollgate to CCSD administrators and CSF Board Members and a final presentation at June CSF Board Meeting 
  • Brainstorm new grant ideas (Grant Sharktank) and write grants

A CSF SAC Perspective

“Before joining the Chappaqua School Foundation Student Advisory Council, I believed that my actions to improve the school would go unnoticed by the administrators. Since enrolling in this council, I have learned that I can make substantial changes in the district. By giving students the chance to apply for grants, this council prepares members for future career paths by giving council members experience in several different topic areas. Being a part of this initiative has made me proud of my school and the educational opportunities it presents. There is a sense of satisfaction I feel, seeing how grants that students put in place can have such a significant effect on the entire school and the education of the Chappaqua school system as a whole.”

                                                                                                                            -Matthew Friedman