Why was CSF created and by whom?
CSF was created in 1993 by community parents who wanted to help fund innovative ideas and programs that could not be supported by the school budget.

Is Chappaqua the only town with a privately funded school foundation?
No – in fact,  most Westchester towns and many cities and towns across the country have school foundations.  In our immediate area, Byram Hills and Bronxville have two of the most active.  Communities nationwide such as Beverly Hills, CA, Weston, MA, and Shaker Heights, OH have active school foundations as well.

Who decides how the money donated by the community is allocated?  
All project/program ideas are reviewed by the school District since they will be implemented in the schools.  With the recommendation of the District in hand, the CSF Board of Directors then determines which grants to fund, based on the established grant criteria, a desire to have each school represented among funded grants and the funds that are then available or anticipated to be raised in the near future.

Who submits grants?  How many are awarded per year? 
Typically, grant applications are submitted by teachers or the District, but any parent, student or community member may submit an application.  The number awarded each year varies, depending on the number of applications submitted, whether proposed grants meet CSF’s grant criteria, and the cost of the proposed grants.  On average, about 10-15 grants are awarded each year.

Is CSF the same as the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund?  Is CSF part of the PTA? 
CSF is not the same as the Scholarship Fund (see About for a description of the similarities and differences of the two organizations).  CSF is not part of the PTA, but works collaboratively with the District and the PTA.  In the past, the PTA has supported CSF projects and CSF has supported PTA initiatives.

How does CSF interact with the School District? 
The Superintendent and a designated member of the Board of Education are non-voting members of the CSF Board.  The District assists CSF in evaluating proposed grants to help ensure their educational value and relevance to the curriculum as well as  sustainability through the school budget.

Are there restrictions on what CSF is allowed to pay for?  
Yes – CSF may not pay directly for operating costs of the District, including faculty salaries.  Technically, funded grants are gifts to the District, which must be formally accepted by the Board of Education.

What percentage of donated money actually makes its way into the schools?
CSF is a not-for-profit organization.  CSF is an all-volunteer board.  There is no staff, no overhead, and no office rent to pay.  The only costs are event driven and all net proceeds are donated to the school when appropriate uses are identified through the grant processes.

How can I become involved with CSF?
CSF does several fundraising events and campaigns each year, but accepts donations at any time.  Click Donate to make a contribution,  or click on Support, and let us know how you might wish to be involved. We are always looking for help and new ideas from parents and community members.

Will CSF accept money from my company’s matching gift program?  Will CSF accept gifts of securities?
Yes to both.  Please indicate on the Donate form that your company will match your gift and/or that you wish to make your gift using securities.