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InstaGrant Application

The CSF InstaGrant program is used to fund initiatives in Chappaqua schools and classrooms through grants amounting to $2500 or less. The InstaGrant process is open throughout the school year, employs a faster review process and allows for grants to impact students during the school year. To learn more about the InstaGrant process, including eligibility requirements, please download the application form below.  For questions, please email

Click here to download InstaGrant Application

Traditional Grant Application

The CSF traditional grant program allows Chappaqua teachers, administrators, parents and students to seek a grant to fund educational innovation in Chappaqua schools and classrooms. The traditional grant application process consists of two parts – the Part 1, a simple Google form, which must be submitted by November 17, 2017 followed by the more elaborate Part 2 application which is due on January 30, 2018.

By submitting the Part 1 form, which can be accessed below, applicants will share their grant idea with the CSF Grants Committee and CCSD administration. This will allow a member of the CSF Grants Committee to be paired with the applicant to help navigate the grants process and will also allow CCSD administrators to identify any potential issues with a grant idea (District curricular goals, implementation feasibility, health and safety concerns, etc.) so that these can be assessed before significant time and effort is put into the completion of the full Part 2 application. The grant idea identified on the Part 1 form must be sufficiently developed to allow for the initial review process, but may otherwise be in preliminary stages and not fully developed. No other permission or signatures are needed to complete Part 1 of the application. Part 1 must be submitted by November 17 in order to be eligible to file a full grant application in January, 2018. Part 1 form submitters will be notified in early December and the Part 2 application will be made available at that time. Potential applicants wishing to see the Part 2 application for grant planning purposes may obtain a copy by emailing

For any questions regarding the grant process, please contact the Grants Committee chairs at

CLICK HERE to complete The Traditional Grant PART 1 Google form