2012 Grants

Chappaqua Central School District

Enhancing the Library of E-Readers for ESL Students ($1,959)

Building on the success of the e-Readers previously funded by CSF for English as a Second Language (ESL) students in middle and high schools, this grant will provide a more comprehensive library of e-books, upgraded covers and a new set of audio books which are extremely helpful to students developing their knowledge of the English language in 5th through 12th grades.

Helen Harrison, English Language Learning Teacher, Middle and High Schools

Horace Greeley High School

Facing History and Ourselves ($9,600)

Facing History and Ourselves is an international educational and professional development organization. The Social Studies Department, in partnership with Facing History, will engage students in an examination of racism, prejudice, and anti Semitism, with the goal of promoting the development of a more humane and informed citizenry.

Facing History provides in-depth resources on topics taught in all three core curricula: Global Studies, European History, and American History, as well as enriching senior electives including Nationalism and Contemporary Issues. Along with rigorous content, Facing History provides a methodology and approach to teaching history that focuses on critical thinking and promoting individuals as agents of change.

Eric Byrne, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, and Mary Devane, Social Studies Department Chair.

Pugmill ($3,579)

This grant will be used to purchase a Pugmill, a machine designed to remix and recycle all forms of unfired used clay. Without such machinery, there is no way to recycle this clay for ongoing student use, and the clay is discarded as waste. The Pugmill will not only save money and reinforce our community’s strong message to recycle, but will allow students in Sculpture and Ceramic classes more material and new opportunities to explore the creative process in the classroom.

Peter Metzler, Art Department

E-Readers for HGHS 10th Grade Students ($3,435)

To assist students in developing their reading ability, especially those who may find reading more challenging, this grant will provide a set of e-Readers for 10th grade students at Greeley.   CSF has previously funded e-Readers for 9th grade students, which has demonstrated how this technology increases student engagement and comprehension, builds confidence in reading, and gives students the ability to select books on their level.

Rochelle Mitlak, Reading Specialist; Gail Schlenger, Special Education; and Andrew Corsilla, English Department Chair

Learning Commons Feasibility Study ($83,000)

In partnership with CSF, CCSD is exploring new ways to think about education in our district for the 21st century. This grant will allow CSF and CCSD to hire experts and to conduct a feasibility study to explore the potential transformation of the art, cafeteria and library spaces at HGHS into a vibrant, interactive, technology-driven learning environment that will support project-based learning and the development of collaboration, problem-solving, creativity and communication skills.

Lyn McKay, Superintendent and Eric Byrne, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Middle Schools

MacBook Lab ($40,830)

In partnership with the District, CSF will fund a MacBook Lab for Bell and Seven Bridges schools, which will provide this innovative technology platform for all middle school students. The MacBook Labs will be managed through the school library and will support the integration of digital technology within the middle school curriculum. These laptops will include a suite of software to facilitate student communication and collaboration, as well as the creation of videos, digital music, three dimensional drawing and multimedia presentations.

Darleen Nicolosi, Director of Technology, Chappaqua Central School District

Nook Books for Middle School Libraries ($9,554)

Supporting the goal of our libraries to make resources available to assist students in thinking deeply and to actively participate in their learning, this grant will provide 50 Nookbook e-Readers for middle school students. This pilot will support curricular endeavors, encourage continued literacy among our students, and provide an exciting new tool to engage young readers. It will also help to better equip our libraries to meet the changing needs of our middle school learners in the digital age.

Karen Baker and Sharon Wiggins, Middle School Library Media Specialists

StrataLogica: Digital Interactive Historical Atlas ($4,382)

One goal of the social studies department is for students to make connections to history through current events and to help them understand the world today through historical events. As a pilot program, sixth and eighth grade social studies students at Bell will work with the StrataLogica Atlas, new historical and geographical technology. This program provides historical pop-ups containing information on historical events, regional history, geography and natural resources, assisting students to problem solve geographic issues and their impact on various cultures. StrataLogica enables students to store their projects in a “cloud” network, fostering collaborative classroom work as well as the ability for students to work in teams while at home or in separate locations.

Jason Lummel and Ingrid Melhus, Bell Social Studies Department

Perfecting Interview Techniques using Technology ($1,424)

As part of the Family and Consumer Science curriculum, all eighth grade students at Bell participate in the student-directed “class company”. As part of this project, students will explore the interviewing process, improving their interviewing skills through videotape analysis and reflection. Utilizing new video cameras granted by CSF, students will film practice interviews to identify each student’s strengths and areas for improvement. Students will perfect their skills to prepare for interviews with Principal Martin Fitzgerald and Assistant Principal Tim Doyle for “company positions” and for future endeavors, including school and job interviews.

Elizabeth Sovern, Family and Consumer Science, Bell Middle School

3-D Design ($6,245)

The purchase of a 3-D Scanner and a 3-D Printer will allow students in all grade levels at Seven Bridges to stay on the cutting edge of technology. This contemporary and more advanced software package will allow students to work with both 2D architectural drawings and 3D modeling. 3D design involves real-world challenges for students and teaches them to collaborate to take ideas from concept through to final product.

Chris Stasi, Technology and Zach Arnold, Art, Seven Bridges Middle School

Elementary Schools

PointScribe ($3,550)

Developing neat handwriting is a skill many elementary school children struggle with. PointScribe is an interactive software program that teaches students correct letter, number and shape formation on a touchscreen tablet. Having this software will give students more time for independent handwriting practice and improve their ability to produce legible writing. The advantage of this software over typical paper/pencil practice is that it does not allow the student to practice the formation in the wrong way. PointScribe is like having a handwriting coach sitting with each student, guiding them through every stroke of every shape, providing immediate feedback. This grant provides funding for PointScribe to be piloted in Kindergarten classes at Grafflin, with a view towards expanding the program district-wide.

Mary Crewe, Occupational Therapist

Peaceful Playgrounds ($5,022)

This grant provides funding for Roaring Brook Elementary School to implement the Peaceful Playground program. Peaceful Playground helps develop students’ social and problem-solving skills by transforming the playground into a cooperative learning environment. Permanent playground activities are designed to offer more playground choices and encourage positive and productive outdoor learning experiences. Alphabet and number grids, hopping and skipping lines, and multiuse circles and squares are just a few of the nearly 100 activities included in Peaceful Playgrounds. Learning the problem solving strategies within the program assists all students in learning to interact with their peers, develop a sense of responsibility for self and others, and establishes a sense of community within a positive school environment.

Amy Fishkin, Roaring Brook Assistant Principal, and Peter Berendt, Acting Roaring Brook Principal

Playaways Digital Audio Books ($3,064)

Following in the success of CSF’s 2011 grants to Roaring Brook and Grafflin for the purchase of Playaways, CSF will now fund this technology for Westorchard’s First and Second graders. Playaways are self-contained digital audio books, which enrich the students’ literary experience and help develop cogent reading skills at an early age. Students are more accustomed to technology at home and in the classroom, and their reading skills greatly benefit by being able to read text along with the corresponding audio book. These devices also help students with a host of skills, such as pronunciation, vocabulary development and comprehension.

Renee Mattiello and Brooke Baron, Westorchard Elementary School

E-Readers for Fourth Grade ($3,358)

Students in fourth grade represent a range of reading levels. It is important for students to be reading texts at their independent reading level in order to practice reading strategies with success. This pilot grant at Westorchard Elementary School for the purchase of E-readers offers all fourth grade students the opportunity to read texts on their level without others knowing what they are reading. These e-Readers will enable struggling readers to read independently and improve their skills without the stigmatization of being viewed by peers as “slow readers.” Higher level readers benefit by having access to the latest high interest titles. Use of E-readers serves to motivate all students to read more since they can have quick access to any text.

Nicole Curran, Miriam Fernandez, Alison Guerra, Torrey Keeley and Erin Posner, Westorchard Elementary School

Mural with Visiting Artist ($8,042)

This grant addresses the artistic elements of education by introducing a Visiting Artist who, in conjunction with Westorchard Art Teacher Elizabeth Rose, will introduce the elements of collaborative community art to the entire school. Every grade level will receive instruction and participate in a project that will culminate in a community mural that will adorn the Cafetorium walls. The grant does more than address artistic skills. It utilizes art to affirm the spirit of community, while promoting individual artistic creation and expression on a collaborative community level. The resulting exhibition of student artwork will serve as both a valuable learning tool and a source of ongoing pride for all Westorchard students.

Elizabeth Rose, Westorchard Art Teacher