2013 Grants

Horace Greeley High School

Scenic Shop Renovation ($9,071)

This grant provides a working scenic shop for students taking the Stagecraft course at Greeley. The shop provides students with hands-on experience applying what they are learning through online and class lessons. The project will benefit Stagecraft students as well as students active in any Greeley performing group (i.e., band, orchestra, chorus, a cappella, dramas, and talent shows). Students will have the opportunity to learn how to safely use all tools utilized during Stagecraft construction and will work with a myriad of materials, such as lumber, metal, fabric, etc.

Horace Greeley Performing Arts Department

Middle Schools

Middle School MacBooks ($39,660)

In partnership with the District, CSF is expanding the MacBook Lab pilot for both middle schools that was funded in 2012. During this school year, students at both schools have used the MacBooks in every core subject, as well as in music, art, language and the new CCSD WISER course in which students learn and practice how to conduct Internet research. The expansion will enable increasingly more teachers to incorporate digital technology into their students’ course work.

Darleen Nicolosi, Director of Technology, Chappaqua Central School District

Computer Graphics Design Studio ($23,276)

Building on the success of a prior CSF grant for Seven Bridges, this grant expands the graphic design art program by supplying additional Cintiq drawing tablets to Seven Bridges and introducing these state-of-the-art computer graphics design tools to Bell.   The Cintiq drawing tablets allow students to use the nuanced control of their fine motor skills to create artwork using more natural techniques than through a mouse or keyboard. At Seven Bridges, Cintiqs also will be used for 3D design work that will be printed from the 3D printer, another CSF-funded grant.

Zach Arnold and Terry Koshel, Art Teachers, Seven Bridges
Carolyn Elwood and Amanda McDonough, Art Teachers, Bell Middle School

Spanish Book Pack Pilot: Bolsas de Libros en Español ($2,300)

Building on CSF’s signature Kindergarten Book Pack program, this grant creates Spanish Book Packs for fifth graders. This pilot program will give students an opportunity to read favorite childhood stories in Spanish with their parents and caregivers. The books will expose students to a higher level of vocabulary while motivating them and boosting their confidence with the language. Working on pronunciation and making connections in English to the Spanish text will be extremely beneficial to student language acquisition skills.

Amy Durante, Foreign Language, Bell Middle School

Flip to Flash Animation Class ($9,562)

Through Flip to Flash Animation, Seven Bridges art students will explore the artistic and visually communicative principles of digital animation. Through interdisciplinary projects combining art with English, world language, science, music or technology, students will use traditional methods of drawing, design, action analysis and montage in digital format, resulting in the creation of an original animation in iMovie.

Terry Koshel, Art Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Elementary Schools

SMART® Boards/Document Cameras for Elementary School Music Classrooms ($16,053)

The three elementary school music rooms will be equipped with SMART Boards, document cameras and software to support instrumental lessons for the 4th grade. The SMART technology allows for a deep level of differentiation that enables the customization of small group lessons based on student need and/or ability. The technology also will provide opportunities for students to view concerts, connect with composers and collaboratively create musical pieces.

Eric Byrne and Darleen Nicolosi, Chappaqua Central School District

Digital Cameras ($4,109)

This grant funds 30 new digital cameras for Grafflin’s computer lab. The cameras offer still and video capabilities and will be used by students in all grades for projects across the curriculum. The cameras will provide a class set or be used by multiple grades at the same time. The digital cameras will be used in innovative ways to teach students who are visual learners. The cameras also will offer unlimited opportunities to make learning fun while incorporating digital technology into students’ class work.

Debbie Alspach, Assistant Principal and Winifred Burckhard, Computer Lab Aide

Fourth Grade E-Readers ($11,570)

Expanding on last year’s pilot at Westorchard, this grant provides the fourth grade at Roaring Brook and Grafflin with a set of E-readers, enabling students as well as teachers and special service providers (e.g., ELL, reading, special educators) to engage in shared cross-curricular literacy projects.   E-readers provide access to a greater variety and volume of resources, from fiction and nonfiction books to journal articles, photographs, and more.

Miriam Longobardi, Grade 4 teacher, Roaring Brook Elementary School

Debbie Alspach, Assistant Principal, and Dr. Michael Kirsch, Principal, Grafflin Elementary School

SMART® Podiums ($5,038)

The SMART Podium is an interactive learning center that has the functionality of a SMART Board and addresses the challenge of differentiating instruction and meeting the individual needs of students receiving ESL and reading services. The SMART Podium allows ESL and reading teachers to collaborate with classroom teachers to extend and modify classroom learning in the reading and ESL classroom. The SMART Podium is highly motivational, allowing students to experience greater success with staying on task for longer periods of time and demands their attention due to expectation of student response, turn-taking and inclusion of sound and video.

Stacey Fragin, Maria Mavrogenis, ESL and Reading Teachers, Roaring Brook Elementary School

MindUp™: Brain-Focused Strategies for Learning ($9,469)

MindUp is a comprehensive social and emotional learning program that is informed by current research in cognitive neuroscience, mindful education, social and emotional learning, positive psychology and evidence-based teaching practices. MindUp provides a framework for teachers to learn strategies to boost students’ social and emotional competencies and to create an optimistic classroom. By incorporating mindful learning into the classroom, students become more alert, self-aware, optimistic, motivated and focused.

Keri Zurlini, Kindergarten Teacher and James Skoog, Principal, Westorchard Elementary School