The InstaGrant program fast-tracks grant requests of $2,500 or less and allows for needed equipment to get into classrooms as quickly as possible.


Casio Prizm Calculators ($2,495)

This InstaGrant pilots the use of Casio PRISM graphing calculators in high school math classes taught by Mr. Benack. Mr. Benack believes these calculators have stronger capabilities and use beyond the usual TI-84plus calculators.

George Benack, Math Teacher, HGHS

CNC Mill Kit ($1,600)

This InstaGrant funds the purchase of a Shapeoko 3 CNC Mill Kit to be used for cutting wood and metal by students in technology and design classes. This tool will enhance the abilities of students to create a variety of makerspace based projects.

Paul Bianchi, Science Teacher, HGHS

LabQuest Mini Sensor Kits ($2,384)

This InstaGrant provides 16 LabQuest mini sensor kits for the Physics Department at HGHS to be used in labs in Physics and Engineering classes.

Kevin Kuczma, Science Teacher, HGHS

Robotics Equipment ($2,200)

This InstaGrant funds the purchase of 30 Arduino Shields and 2 Quad Copter kits.  Arduino shields are circuit boards that will enable students to program current robots using JAVA rather than the outdated BASIC computer programming language.  These boards will update the program in a real and needed way.  The Quadcopters will enhance the robotics program and be programmed and operated in the Robotics class as well.

James Howard, Science Teacher, Horace Greeley High School


Polypong Table ($1,776)

This InstaGrant funded the purchase of a Polypong table to be used by seven bridges students during recess. Polypong is a multiplayer game which fosters sharing, the development of positive relationships, teamwork and cooperation and is a great stress reliever.

Greg Stiefel, Assistant Principal, Seven Bridges Middle School

CNC Router Supplies ($1,005)

This InstaGrant funds tools and protective equipment to support the use of the CNC Router, a piece of equipment previously granted by CSF.

Chris Stasi, Technology Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Refugee Book Clubs ($1,007)

This InstaGrant funded the purchase of books and cameras to allow for a new curricular unit focusing on the topic of refugee experience.

Tiffany DePeralta, English Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Marvel Focus Desk ($1,752)

This InstaGrant funded the purchase of four marvel focus desks to be used in 5West classrooms. Focus desks allow for the height adjustment of the desk to allow alternative seating and standing options for students and the expansion of the desk surface for students who need more space to manage classroom materials or to allow for multiple students to work collaboratively at one work surface.

Tricia Greco, Special Education Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

SB Electric String Project ($2,500)

This InstaGrant provides supplies necessary to allow for the use of electric string instruments already at Seven Bridges Middle School. An Electric String curriculum will be implemented first with seventh and eighth graders and then expanded to fifth and sixth graders.

Kim Meade, Orchestra Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

CNN Heroes ($1,500)

This InstaGrant allowed for CNN Hero finalist, Dr. Wendy Ross, to speak to all grades at Seven Bridges about inclusion and conduct a presentation to the Seven Bridges faculty during a faculty meeting as part of Brian O’Connor’s innovative CNN Heroes program. Dr. Ross, a venerable pediatrician, is the founder and director of Autism Inclusion Resources.

Brian O’Connor, Social Studies Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Disc Golf ($1,835)

This InstaGrant funds the purchase of non permanent Disc Golf equipment to be used as part of a new unit in the physical education curriculum.

Christine Catapano, Physical Education Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Collaborative Research Center ($2,500)

This InstaGrant funded the creation of a collaborative research center within the Bell library to create a space to allow for collaboration and instruction to support research projects and related curriculum.

Sharon Wiggins, Library Media Specialist, Bell Middle School


Ozobots ($1,200)

This grant enables students to engage in preliminary robotic programming and coding.  Ozobots are two-wheeled small mini-robots that react to colors and symbols made with markers on paper and designs made on tablets.  These activities are a pre-cursor to understanding computer coding.

Warren Whitney, Third Grade Teacher, Grafflin Elementary School

AlphaBetter Standing Desks ($738)

This grant provided two standing desks for Mara Cohen’s fourth grade classroom. These standing desks will be used in pursuit of Grafflin’s self-directed learning initiative to increase active engagement during individual and group work in the classroom.

Mara Cohen, Fourth Grade Teacher, Grafflin Elementary School