2015 Grants

Horace Greeley High School

English Interactive Monitors ($58,393)

This grant funds the purchase of interactive monitors for Greeley English classrooms in order to expand the benefits of classroom discussions in a number of exciting ways.  The interactive monitors will allow teachers and students to generate, share, preserve and retrieve class notes and related information that, for many classes, are the “content” of the class.  The interactive monitors will also help teachers and students collaboratively engage in the close reading of texts while the interactivity will increase student involvement and engagement in the writing process.

Darleen Nicolosi, Eric Byrne

Cintiqs ($18,390)

Cintiq digital drawing tablets are currently in use in both middle schools because of prior CSF grants. This grant will bring this device to Greeley students by funding the purchase of 10 Cintiq tablets which would be half of a class set. Initially the tablets will be used in each of these classes: Fashion Design, Industrial Design and AP 2D. Students will use the tablets to invent visual prototypes which they can revise and refine. Collaboration and sharing of ideas between peers will be facilitated.

Louise Brady, Art Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

Auditorium Digital Display ($6,722)

In an effort to bring student work to a larger audience and allow for interactive review of student performances, this grant funds a video monitor and associated computer equipment for the auditorium lobby.  This monitor will broadcast videos of student musical performances, information about upcoming events, and photos of student artwork. It will enable students to experience work that is taking place in other classrooms, and enrich their understanding of work that takes place in other disciplines.

Maureen Callan, Music Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

Maker Space Studio ($12,371)

This grant expands upon work funded by CSF last year in exciting and innovative ways by equipping an entirely new studio and enabling a fundamentally different type of course at Greeley. The course, Technology and Design Integration, will combine digital design and output, computer programming, circuitry design and traditional building and craft skills. The course will progress from short skill-based projects for introducing new tools, to longer projects and the use of a design cycle for student presentation, feedback and iteration, and finally to a completely individual capstone project.

Paul Bianchi, Kevin Kuczma, Michael DeBellis, Science Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

World Language Lab ($40,049)

In recent years, technology has become an important tool in the world language classroom, allowing students to have more direct speaking opportunities with the teacher, to hear languages spoken by native speakers and to listen to their own speaking. This grant equips a language lab at Greeley with Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) incorporating various forms of current technologies for all World Language students, grades 9-12.

Lauren Reisner, Steve McKenney, Foreign Language Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

Middle Schools

Marching Band Percussion Instruments ($6,115)

A grant for appropriate marching band percussion equipment that supplies our band students in both middle schools with the proper learning and performance tools.

Barry Pirro, Music Teacher, Bell Middle School

21st Century Space Redesign ($19,955)

This remodel of two fifth grade classroom will encourage personal growth by breaking down the physical barriers between students, further encouraging team-learning. New types of furniture, tables and other equipment will resplace traditional desks in rows.  Students will have the opportunity to reach their full potential as they use diversified areas of the classroom that celebrate individual differences.

Eileen Kenna, Ann Marie Scalici, Social Studies Teachers, Bell Middle School

Shotbot CNC Router, ($11,602)

Through engineering and “maker” projects, students work by Imagining-Designing-Building. A CNC (computer numerical control) router is a computer controlled cutting machine that allows materials to be cut into complex shapes which can then be used by students to create part for technology projects.

Chris Stassi, Technology Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Elementary Schools

FitBit/Run Across America, ($5,343)

The purpose of this grant is to promote health and fitness for all elementary students through an engaging community-wide project applying subject area skills such as literacy, math, social studies, and technology. Students will walk and run on a designated course on the upper playground. Using a Fitbit device, students will learn to collect and interpret data from their activities (including heart rate, calories, and record their distances as they participate in the “RB Runs Across America.”

Amy Fishkin, Chris Eidem, Liz Lops, Kathy Rowland, William Woolard, Diane Wendel, William Yang, Roaring Brook Elementary School

Innovative Classroom Learning Environments, ($28,827)

This grant will create spaces within three classrooms (pilot one in each 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade) using furniture designed for small group collaboration, as well as with a large LCD monitor that connects to mobile devices each student will be utilizing, students will take their learning to the next level.   Students will have greater opportunities to make choices in their learning, provide feedback to their peers, communicate purpose and grow their understanding (as described in the District Teaching and Learning Goals).

Amy Fishkin, Miriam Longobardi, William Yang, Chris Eidem, Kathy Rowland, Jenny Geiras, Melissa Billings, Ellen Moskowitz, Chris Louth, Mary Ford, Darleen Nicolosi, Roaring Brook Elementary School

Innovative Furniture to Support Student Learning, ($6,092)

This grant provides the Westorchard teachers with a variety of furniture options to assist students with focus and concentration, by providing opportunities for movement.  There are many studies that indicate the importance of movement in supporting brain function and maintaining an appropriate level of alertness in order for learning to take place.

Mary Crewe, Rosa Amendola, Alison Guerra, Cathy Anderson, Jim Skoog, Westorchard Elementary School

2014-2015 school year Instagrants

Offered for the first time in 2014, InstaGrants fund requests less than $2500 throughout the school year. The InstaGrant program fast-tracks smaller requests which allows for immediate classroom impact.

Horace Greeley High School

Maker Space Materials for Physics Class, $2,291

The Way We Talk, $350

SOAR, $796

Concepts and Construxions (Crosscurricular Expression Development) , $2,500

Poster Cutter for Science Research, $1,077

Building Confidence/Critical Thinking Program, $1,590


Middle Schools

Kinesthetic Classroom Furniture,  Bell, $2,359

Functioning Human Torso Model for Science Class, Bell, $595

Digital Microscope, Bell, $2,071

Playtime: Using Games in Teaching and Learning Staff Development, Bell, $1,500

Heart Rate Monitors for Physical Education, Bell, $2,497

Words & Stories, Seven Bridges, $1,379


Elementary Schools

Audiobooks, West Orchard, $1,425

K-2 Space Redesign Planning, West Orchard, $1,000

Furniture w/Movement in Mind, Grafflin, $2,081

Social Skills/Friendship Groups Program, Grafflin, $943