2017 Grants

District Wide

Software Tools to Enhance Literacy Instruction ($12,720)

A district-wide grant which will fund two software programs (Co-Writer Universal and Snap and Read Universal) designed to enhance literacy instruction and student text accessibility, for use by all students in the district for the 2017-2018 calendar year and will fund teacher training in use of the software.

Jillian Parke, Ellen Moskowitz, Jenny Gieras, Amy Kaiser, Mary Crewe

Horace Greeley High School

Language Department Virtual Reality ($10,704)

This grant funds a virtual reality pilot program at Horace Greeley High School. Four foreign language teachers will use this grant to expose their students to language and culture through a new type of real and authentic space while allowing students to be active participants in their learning.

Lauren Reisner, World Language Department, Horace Greeley High School

Middle Schools

Curious Inventor Coding Blocks ($12,518)

This grant will provide the art departments at both middle schools with SAM Labs coding blocks that will allow for the incorporation of coding and technology into art projects in the 5th and 8th grade and will provide an important basis for the development of STEAM curriculum integrating technology and art.

Carolyn Elwood, Amanda McDonough, Art Teachers, Robert E. Bell Middle School and Seven Bridges Middle School

Get Moving! ($37,028)

This grant funds the purchase of kinesthetic furniture for 34 classrooms or other student learning areas at both middle schools. In piloting various types of kinesthetic furniture through other CSF grants, middle school teachers have found furniture which enhances the student learning experience and this grant will allow all teachers who want to incorporate kinesthetic furniture into their classrooms to do so in a way that works with their subject matter and classroom environment.

Mary Comparetto and Sara Kenney, Special Education Teachers, Timothy Doyle, Assistant Principal, Robert E. Bell Middle School; Tricia Greco, Special Education Teacher, Andrew Corsilia, Principal, Seven Bridges Middle School

This grant provides for the replacement of outdated robots used in technology classes allowing for the continuation of the robotics program and the development of richer technology curriculum.

Robert Raguette, Technology Teacher, Robert E. Bell Middle School

This grant provides for the redesign of a mathematics classroom to create an environment which will foster the development of creative and critical thinking skills and will allow for differentiated learning.

Megan Barnes, Math Teacher, Robert E. Bell Middle School

21st Century Transformative Classroom Design  ($21,695)

This grant provides for the redesign of a sixth grade english and social studies classroom at Seven Bridges Middle School to create a space which fosters collaboration and communication, critical thinking, comfort and creativity.

Pauline Daglio, English and Social Studies Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

Elementary Schools

Elementary Innovative Learning Spaces ($40,200)

This grant funds the redesign of two classrooms at Douglas Grafflin Elementary School to provide for flexible, moveable, comfortable elements with the intent of creating a more collaborative, personalized, active learning environment.

Jamie Edelman, Principal, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School

Elementary Classroom Redesign ($40,707)

This grant funds the redesign of two classrooms at Roaring Brook Elementary School to pilot classrooms which are more innovative, flexible and comfortable allowing for more choice, collaboration, independence and differentiated learning.

Amy Fishkin, Principal, Roaring Brook Elementary School

Fourth Grade Commons ($36,381)

This grant provides for the redesign of the fourth grade commons space at Westorchard Elementary School to provide fourth grade teachers and students with the space, furniture and educational tools to enhance collaboration and independent learning and to support the fourth grade curriculum.

James Skoog, Principal, Westorchard Elementary School

Poster Maker ($4,045)

Elementary students will benefit from the production of quality materials for instruction and learning through teachers use of this specially designed oversized printer.  Visual displays enhance and stimulate student learning and support development and execution of curriculum instruction.

Miriam Longobardi, Ann Marie Scalici, Fourth Grade Teachers, Roaring Brook Elementary School

2016-2017 School Year InstaGrants

Horace Greeley High School

Women in STEAM Art ($2,190)

This InstaGrant funds the purchase of 32 framed posters depicting women scientists which would be hung in classrooms and common space at Greeley to introduce and inspire students to careers in STEAM fields.

Paul Bianchi, Science Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

STEAM Hydroponics ($2,000)

This InstaGrant funds the materials necessary to conduct a new curricular unit on hydroponics. Students will work collaboratively to research, design and build vertical hydroponics units.

Mike DeBellis, Science Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

Sewing Machines ($2,250)

A collaborative proposal by Horace Greeley art teacher Jennifer Schmidt and Greeley students Nancy Wei and Madison Rosenthal which will fund the purchase of sewing machines and related supplies to be used in the Fashion Design courses at Greeley.

Jennifer Schmidt, Art Teacher; Madison Rosenthal, Nancy Wei, students, Horace Greeley High School

Middle Schools

Bell Science Department Microscope Enhancement ($2,416)

This InstaGrant funded a class set of digital microscopes to be used by both 7th grade teams.

Jessica Sansavera, Science Teacher, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Hispanic Heritage Book Clubs ($2,500)

This grant provided for the purchase of books to be used to conduct book clubs to help Spanish language students learn about hispanic culture.

Amy Durante, Caitlyn Murphy, Foreign Language Teachers, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Indoor Hydroponics ($2,478)

This InstaGrant provided for the purchase of indoor hydroponics units to be used across a wide range of curricular areas at Bell. This grant was jointly developed by applicants Dana Dince, a Bell teaching assistant, Linda Bosco, a Bell parent and two seventh grade Bell students who are active in the Bell environmental club. Six classroom teachers will be using the units to enhance their curriculum – Sarah Geronimo and Jessica Sansevera (6th grade science); Nate Loeb and Kerry Keenan (5th grade science); Amanda McDonough (5-8 Art) and Beth Sovern (6-8 Family and Consumer Sciences).​​

Dana Stein-Dince, Teaching Assistant, Linda Bosco, Parent, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Tiny House Project ($2,492)

This InstaGrant provides the funds necessary to implement a joint art/technology 8th grade project involving the design and construction of tiny houses to further test new STEAM curriculum.

Chris Stasi, Technology Teacher, Seven Bridges Middle School

FitStep Pro Pedometers ($2,471)

An InstaGrant to fund the purchase of two class sets of pedometers and related supplies to be integrated into the physical education curriculum at Seven Bridges.

Christine Catapano, Brady Kittredge, Physical Education Teachers, Seven Bridges Middle School


Move to Learn/The Flexible Classroom ($2,480)

This is a joint application from 4th grade Roaring Brook teachers Ann Marie Scalici (one of last year’s Innovator of the Year award recipients) and Meghan Keeler. This InstaGrant will allow Ann Marie to apply some of the ideas she learned from her prior 5th grade CSF grant experience and to work with another 4th grade teacher to pilot the use of flexible seating with 4th grade students and 4th grade curriculum.

Ann Marie Scalici, Meghan Keeler, Fourth Grade Teachers, Roaring Brook Elementary School

Westorchard Nature Trail and Inspirational Garden ($2,500)

This InstaGrant is a joint application by a parent, three students and Westorchard principal James Skoog to help pay for tree and debris removal work necessary to allow for the rehabilitation of the Westorchard Nature trail which will include, among other things, outdoor classroom space, instructional signage, outdoor activities and a kindness rock garden dedicated to Alison Guerra.

Stephanie Kasulka, Eileen Trotta and Emma Terjesen, Students, James Skoog, Principal, Westorchard Elementary School

Innovative Chairs ($2,206)

This InstaGrant funded the purchase of sets of ball and accordion chairs for each first grade classroom at Grafflin to help improve student focus.

Sandi Schassler, Yvonne Davies, Marisa Boniello, Deborah Lenaghan, First Grade Teachers, Grafflin Elementary School