These InstaGrants were approved throughout the 2018-2019 school year and are currently in place in classrooms impacting students throughout the District.


Active and Engaging Learning Through Telenovelas ($1850)

This InstaGrant covers subscriptions for students in Spanish 11 and Spanish 5 to EduNovela, a service that packages telenovelas with educational materials and assessments. These subscriptions will allow students to move through the series of telenovellas at a pace that matches their learning stage and to access content that will support course curricular goals, particularly listening to native Spanish speakers with increased accuracy. 

Isabelle Irizarry, Donna Curtis, Spanish Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

GLOBE – International Water Quality Program ($1833.45)

This InstaGrant will fund materials necessary to fully implement the GLOBE program, an international program where participants assess water quality and share results, with earth science students at Horace Greeley. These materials will supplement items already in use so that students can collect data about the stream at Greeley which can be used by scientists to answer questions about the environment.

Carol DiGuglielmo, Science Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

Spin Classes for Fitness Center ($484.45)

This InstaGrant will fund training and supplies to allow spin classes to be offered in the new Fitness Center and Mind and Body Studio. Spin will be incorporated into physical education offerings from 9th through 12th grade, phased in over this school year and next school year. Students will engage in a variety of “rides” that will increase muscle strength and lung capacity while introducing them to the concept of exercise as stress relief.

Donna Versace, Physical Education Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

Disc Golf for Greeley Gym Classes ($1878)

This InstaGrant funds the equipment and instruction necessary to bring Disc Golf to Greeley gym classes. Disc golf is a non-contact, low impact, lifetime sport which will be integrated into the physical education offerings. By exposing Greeley students to disc golf, students will learn about a sport they can pursue outside of school, including at two local courses in Mt. Kisco and Yorktown.

Michael Cleary, Physical Education Teacher, Horace Greeley High School

The Literate Brain – Linking Researchers with Practitioners ($2500)

This InstaGrant will allow Susan Miller to attend a summer research institute where she will gain knowledge in the cognitive and neurobiologic foundations of language learning. While at this institute, she will develop a project to bring back to our school district to help educators and students with language and literacy learning. This project will help teachers understand who each student is as a learner, which will enhance the student’s ability to learn and the teacher/student dynamic.

Susan Miller, Literacy Teacher, Horace Greeley High School


Hands-on History ($1048.30)

This InstaGrant funds a variety of hands-on materials connected to the sixth grade ancient civilizations social studies curriculum. Materials include ancient artifact replicas, action figure sets, building sets and games from Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages. These materials will allow students to access the curriculum in a new and interactive way, fostering conversation and problem-solving while engaging and inspiring students. These materials will be available for use by both 6th grade teams.

Miriam Longobardi, Teacher, 6th Grade Social Studies, Bell Middle School

Square Root of Math Anxiety ($224.41)

This InstaGrant is designed to help students recognize and manage math anxiety. This InstaGrant will fund simple materials and manipulatives designed to relieve stress. Having these materials in the classroom will allow students to work through their anxiety and better focus on their educational tasks.

Megan Barnes, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Bell Middle School

Collaborative Learning Spaces for 6th Grade English ($1521)

This InstaGrant will fund the purchase of three moveable whiteboards which will be used to different environments within the classroom to allow for group and independent work. These spaces and whiteboard write on capabilities allow for increased student collaboration and more active and personalized learning.

Dana House, 6th Grade English Teacher, Robert E. Bell Middle School


Painted Playground Games and Activities ($2500)

This InstaGrant funds the painting of templates on Grafflin’s blacktop. These templates will provide a variety of games and other interactive activities for students during physical education classes and at recess time. In addition to providing fun physical and cognitive activities for students, these games will also support students’ social/emotional learning by teaching conflict resolution and responsibility through cooperative play.

Carol Bartlik, Principal, Grafflin Elementary School

Pedometers for Kids ($866.74)

This InstaGrant is a partnership between physical education and first grade to fund pedometers to be used by students to keep track of distance traveled. In addition to serving as a motivator to achieve physical fitness goals, the information gathered will be used by students in mathematics and geography lessons.

Ryan Spillane, Physical Education Teacher, Marisa Boniello, First Grade Teacher, Grafflin Elementary School

Movable Library ($2309.10)

This InstaGrant will fund the purchase of a movable library which will be used to create a more flexible classroom space. With the ability to adjust the layout of the classroom, students will be able to engage in more active and collaborative learning, particularly during writing workshops but also when working in other areas such as science.

Warren Whitney, 3rd Grade Teacher, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School

2019 Third Grade Shark Tank – Sensory Tools to Increase Student Focus/Decrease Anxiety ($2372.70)

This InstaGrant combines many of the materials advocated for by the third grade students as part of their persuasive writing unit. This InstaGrant funds a variety of materials that will be used to help students focus during both group and individual work and to reduce stress in the classroom. Materials include noise cancelling headphones, calming bottles, weighted objects and other items identified with the assistance of the Grafflin experts.

Mara Cohen’s, Laurie Ende’s, Hannah Ottman’s and Warren Whitney’s Grafflin Third Grade Classes

iPad Tripods ($2249.75/school)

This trio of InstaGrants fund the purchase of tripods to be used with iPads in each of the three elementary schools. These sets of tripods will be available for use by all Grafflin, Roaring Brook and Westorchard classroom and specials teachers and will enhance the ability of students to use iPads for presentation and project recordings.

Mara Cohen, Third Grade Teacher, Grafflin; Josh Culwell-Block, Director of Technology and Innovation

Second Grade Noise Cancelling Headphones ($1917.60)

This InstaGrant funds the purchase of 12 noise cancelling headphones for each second grade classroom. Teachers have found that students work best when distractions are minimized and that having noise cancelling headphones available for students doing individual work is an important tool to increase student work stamina and focus.

Kathleen Wit, Sarah Alley, Second Grade Teachers, Grafflin Elementary School

Second Grade Focus Furniture ($2112.96)

This InstaGrant provides furniture, equipment and supplies for all second grade classrooms to help students reduce distractions, increase their ability to focus and create a more personalized learning environment. Children at this developmental stage work best when distractions are minimized, work areas are flexible and varied, and children have a choice about where they work best. 

Carla Giacomi, Margaret Salmore, Second Grade Teachers, Grafflin Elementary School