These grants were approved by CSF in the spring of 2019 and will be implemented in classrooms during the 2019-2020 school year.


STEAM Augmented and Virtual Reality ($24,480)

This grant will fund two types of technology which will allow middle and high school students to construct and experience virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Our schools will be one of the first to pioneer the use of Microsoft’s Hololens 2 devices to create VR and AR content. The Hololens, together with Samsung HMD-Odyssey Mixed Reality Headsets, will be piloted in the STEAM centers at each school as teachers and staff developers work with students to create and experience a variety of immersive VR/AR content.

Josh Culwell-Block, Director of Technology and Innovation; Zach Arnold, Ellen Moscowitz, Instructional Technology Teachers


Greeley Multi-Media Art Production ($53,360.38)

This grant funds a trio of needs for Greeley art students and teachers to support increased media access and digital production. First, the grant provides for digital drawing materials including iPads to allow all students in drawing and fashion design classes to have more advanced and robust digital drawing opportunities no matter which classroom they are using. Second, the grant will fund digital SLR cameras and equipment to be used by photography and filmmaking students. Finally, this grant supports the creation of a recording studio at Greeley with the purchase of cameras, studio equipment and computers necessary to support studio work. The recording studio will initially be used by digital filmmaking students and eventually made available to other interested teachers and students in all Departments to use to support media work in those disciplines.

Louise Brady, Art Department Chair, Katherine Ottamanelli, Jennifer Schmidt, Art Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

Promoting Innovation and Engagement in Math Class ($24,281)

This grant funds the technology portion of a redesign of a Greeley math classroom to allow for students to access mathematics in a wider range of ways and to work collaboratively in an environment that is comfortable and engaging. Through the purchase of multiple interactive displays and touch screens, students will be better able to work together and share their work with each other while building problem solving, leadership and communication skills.

Estzer Weisz, Jennifer Wrenn, Math Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

See also STEAM Augmented and Virtual Reality under District Wide heading above.


See STEAM Augmented and Virtual Reality under District Wide heading above.


Jacob Burns Image, Sound, and Story Program ($40,530)

This grant will allow third and fourth graders in all three elementary schools to learn media literacy through the Image, Sound, and Story Program developed by the Jacob Burns Film Center. After receiving training from Jacob Burns experts, third and fourth grade teachers and elementary art teachers and library media specialists will bring this program which teaches students how to digest and create media into classrooms at each of the elementary schools. By adding this program to the elementary curriculum, students will be able to engage in “active literacy”, building skills of observation, comprehension, and analysis for viewing media and developing imagination and intention for creating media.

Warren Whitney, Third Grade Teacher, Grafflin Elementary School, supported by Adam Pease, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Grafflin Greenhouse Program ($49,560)

The Grafflin greenhouse is a “living laboratory” where students learn about a host of topics including plant biology, sustainability, healthy choices, environmental stewardship, while engaging in experiential scientific learning and building community. This grant combines needed structural upgrades with innovative teacher training and curriculum development which would create a strong and sustainable Grafflin Greenhouse Program, giving students access to hands-on, project-based, interdisciplinary instruction in this unique green learning space for years to come. 

Debra Alspach, Assistant Principal, Ellen Paradiso, Library Media Specialist, Elizabeth Rose, Art Teacher, Carol Scappaticci, Fourth Grade Teacher, Katie Snyder, Alison Matthews, parents, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School