These grants were approved by CSF in the spring of 2020 and will be implemented in classrooms during the 2020-2021 school year.


Academic Commons Repurposing Project ($50,000)

In response to the call of Greeley students for a space for students to relax, congregate and socialize, the Student Life Coordinator convened a committee of students and faculty to reimagine the Greeley Academic Commons as a place devoted to social/emotional well-being. By surveying the student body and interviewing teachers clinicians and administrators, the Committee came up with a set of goals for the space to facilitate its use as a place to unwind, gather with friends, hold club meetings and display student created content. While final room layout and furniture selection is still being determined, this grant will provide the bulk of the funds necessary to bring the reimagined space to reality.

Matthew Friedler, Horace Greeley Student Life Coordinator; Priya Ma, Science Teacher, Daniel Valentin, English Teacher and the Horace Greeley Academic Commons Redesign Committee


Enhancing Diversity in Elementary Classroom Libraries ($30,500)

This grant supports the diversification of elementary classroom libraries across the District. Recognizing that books are both “Windows” through which readers learn about others who may be different from them and “Mirrors” where they see themselves and their families reflected in the characters and stories, this grant aims to expand classroom libraries to include more authors, characters, and storylines to more accurately reflect the diversity of our community and world. Through this grant, each District teacher K-4 will be given an allowance to select books from a curated list to enhance their classroom selections of books for read-alouds, book clubs and individual choice reading.

Adam Pease, CCSD Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction; Jamie Edelman, Director of Literacy; Alissa Stoever, Assistant Principal, Westorchard Elementary School; Jennifer Thompson, Staff Developer


Enhancing Physical Education Through Visual Displays ($24,173)

This grant builds upon the work Westorchard physical education teachers have been doing integrating technology, particularly use of iPads, into gym instruction using a variety of tools, resources and apps. Adding large formats displays on both sides of the Westorchard gymnasium allows students and teachers to share work they have done on their iPads, and use a broad range of teaching tools such as videos, images and diagramming to deliver curriculum. By using large screens to display instructions for activity sequencing, teachers will be able to more effectively work with individual students and groups to ensure concept mastery by all.

Mike McNeece, Tom Williams, Physical Education Teachers, Westorchard Elementary School

Traverse Climbing Wall ($9,433)

This grant funds the installation of a traverse climbing wall with a mat system and versa challenge course in the west gym of Douglas Grafflin elementary school. Through use of this wall students will have opportunities to work together, take risks, accomplish challenges, and enhance problem solving techniques.

Ryan Spillane, Physical Education teacher, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School

Westorchard Cafetorium Sound and Video System ($32,638)

This grant supports the upgrade of the sound and video system in the Westorchard cafetorium. By enhancing the audio visual capabilities in this shared space, this grant will support theater productions, grade level performances, whole-school assemblies and other events for all Westorchard students.

James Skoog, Principal, Westorchard Elementary School