These grants were approved by CSF in the spring of 2021 and will be implemented in classrooms during the 2021-2022 school year.


High School Embroidery Machine ($6,447)

This grant allowed for the purchase of an embroidery machine, stand and starter supplies. The machine will be located in the new Greeley STEAM Center and will broaden the experiences of the Art Department, impacting a significant number of students. The machine will also be shared with other classes and students utilizing the STEAM center. The Art Department will implement lessons on the creative process as well as foster collaboration.

Corene Suhr-Allen, Art Teacher; Kathryn Ottomanelli, Art Teacher; Louise Brady, Art Department Chair; Horace Greeley High School



Studio 7B: A State-of-the-Art Multi-Media Makerspace ($36,500)

This grant funded the equipment in a fully functional, professional-grade television studio with a control room. Studio 7B supports many facets of the Middle School educational curriculum, including morning video announcements, podcasts and other audio/video projects. Much of the equipment will be portable, facilitating usage throughout the school.

Joe Mazza, Principal, Seven Bridges Middle School; Josh Culwell-Block, CCSD Director of Technology & Innovation; Stan Serafin, Music Department; Kristan Pozzuto, Art Department; Max Tortorello-Allen, 5th Grade Teacher; Michael Palmieri, 7th Grade Teacher; Seven Bridges Middle School


Grafflin Greenhouse Architecture and Curriculum Expansion ($15,000)

The Grafflin Greenhouse will be a learning space that can be utilized by students at all three Chappaqua elementary schools. The goal of this grant is to provide the funds necessary to perform the architectural work along with curriculum expansion necessary to complete the greenhouse remodel.

Debbie Alspach, Assistant Principal, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School; Joseph Gramando, CCSD Director of Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance; Justin Olive, Director of K-12 Science