Grants Overview

CSF awards grants to fund initiatives that take place in one or more of our six schools, during the school day, impacting a significant number of students and which are not able to be funded through the school district budget. Ideas for grant applications originate from Chappaqua teachers, administrators, parents and students and follow one of two grant application processes. Information about how to apply for a CSF grant can be found on the Apply for a Grant page.

CSF Grant Pathways

Traditional Grants

Traditional Grants fund innovative ideas costing in excess of $2,500 or which require significant district support to implement. The application cycle for these grants begins in the fall of the school year with a final decision coming in the spring following a many month development process. Once approved, purchases are made and staff development occurs so that these grants are in place during the subsequent school year.


The InstaGrant process is used to fund innovative ideas costing $2,500 or less and which do not require significant implementation support. InstaGrant applications are reviewed and approved throughout the school year which allows for a fast track review of smaller requests and implementation during the current school year.


Our 2021 Traditional Grants

These grants were approved by CSF in the spring of 2021 and will be implemented in classrooms during the 2021-2022 school year.


High School Embroidery Machine ($6,447)

This grant allowed for the purchase of an embroidery machine, stand and starter supplies. The machine will be located in the new Greeley STEAM Center and will broaden the experiences of the Art Department, impacting a significant number of students. The machine will also be shared with other classes and students utilizing the STEAM center. The Art Department will implement lessons on the creative process as well as foster collaboration.

Corene Suhr-Allen, Art Teacher; Kathryn Ottomanelli, Art Teacher; Louise Brady, Art Department Chair; Horace Greeley High School



Studio 7B: A State-of-the-Art Multi-Media Makerspace ($36,500)

This grant funded the equipment in a fully functional, professional-grade television studio with a control room. Studio 7B supports many facets of the Middle School educational curriculum, including morning video announcements, podcasts and other audio/video projects. Much of the equipment will be portable, facilitating usage throughout the school.

Joe Mazza, Principal, Seven Bridges Middle School; Josh Culwell-Block, CCSD Director of Technology & Innovation; Stan Serafin, Music Department; Kristan Pozzuto, Art Department; Max Tortorello-Allen, 5th Grade Teacher; Michael Palmieri, 7th Grade Teacher; Seven Bridges Middle School


Grafflin Greenhouse Architecture and Curriculum Expansion ($15,000)

The Grafflin Greenhouse will be a learning space that can be utilized by students at all three Chappaqua elementary schools. The goal of this grant is to provide the funds necessary to perform the architectural work along with curriculum expansion necessary to complete the greenhouse remodel.

Debbie Alspach, Assistant Principal, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School; Joseph Gramando, CCSD Director of Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance; Justin Olive, Director of K-12 Science


2020-2021 School year Instagrants

These InstaGrants were approved throughout the 2020-2021 school year and are currently in place in classrooms impacting students throughout the District.


Lavalier Microphones for English as a New Language (ENL) Students ($959.92)

This InstaGrant allowed for the purchase of 8 lavalier (clip on) microphones for the ENL teachers at each school in the district.  A lack of quality sound in remote teaching and learning can be a significant barrier for English Language Learners.  These microphones provide ENL students with greater access to instruction by minimizing challenges of inconsistent sound quality. 

Helen Harrison on behalf of all District-wide ENL teachers


Building a Foundation for Antiracist Teaching & Learning in American History:  Stamped ($835.20)

This InstaGrant allowed for the purchase of copies of the book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds & Abram X. Kendi for students in U.S. History & Government.  Over the course of the 2020-2021 school year, the instructors will revise the curriculum map for Regents U.S. History & Government, building a five-unit curriculum aligned with the periodization in the book.  Antiracism will become a lens for understanding America, past & present.   The curriculum planning will be supplemented with instructional resources created by the Zinn Project to support the use of Stamped.

Tom Witmer & Jaqueleen Zamora, Social Studies Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

Building a Foundation for Antiracist Teaching & Learning in AP Government & Politics: The Color of Law ($2154.00)

This InstaGrant provided 200 copies of the Book, The Color of Law:  A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein for the AP Government & Politics curriculum at Horace Greeley High School.  This book supplements the online textbook.  The students will use the information in this book to research the public policy & societal discrimination in Westchester county and America as a whole.  The College Board Civic Action Project will provide students the opportunity to engage in sustained real-world activity that will deepen their understanding of course content. 

Sheila Jacob, Suzanne Mosca, Jess Somma, AP US Government and Politics Teachers, Horace Greeley High School

Authentic Student Engagement & Learning Through Cultural Media ($1200.00)

This InstaGrant covered subscriptions for students in Spanish 1 and Spanish 5 to EduNovela, a service that packages telenovelas with educational materials and assessments. Students had access to modern, authentic telenovelas and progress through the series at a pace that matches their learning stage.

 Isabelle Irizarry, Jacqueline Pallant, Horace Greeley High School


Middle School STEAM Drone Project ($2341.12)

This InstaGrant funded the purchase of five drones each for the Bell & Seven Bridges STEAM Departments.  The drones can be used as a part of several core classes at the middle school level.  Drone integration will inform teaching of topography mapping, scratch & javascript programming, digital storytelling, and environmental science analytics and photography. 

Tabitha Sasso, Robert E. Bell Middle School STEAM Teacher, Jenny Gieras, Seven Bridges Middle School STEAM Teacher

Establishing Consistent Listening Opportunities for all Middle School Students ($2398.50)

This InstaGrant provided portable quality listening equipment to each music teacher at the middle school level.  The educational landscape during the 2020-2021 year required music teachers to travel to different classrooms to meet with each pod.  This grant provided a more seamless transition into the classroom and ensure that every student had a consistent listening experience.

Seven Bridges Music Department: Elliot Semel, Kim Meade, Stan Serafin – Department Chair; Bell School Music Department: Gina Serafin, Laura Abbatantuono – Department Chair, and Madison Martineau

Lavalier Microphones for Large Learning Spaces at Bell & Seven Bridges Middle School ($1919.84)

This InstaGrant allowed for the purchase of 16 lavalier (clip on) microphones for large space-classrooms at each middle school.  It was sometimes difficult for students who were learning remotely to hear the lesson when a teacher circulated a large classroom space.  These wireless lapel microphones provided better sound quality for all students in the middle school mathematics and english language arts classes.

Joshua Culwell-Block, Director of Technology, Chappaqua Central School District

The Story of Sam Mihara at Heart Mountain Japanese Internment Camp ($2500.00)

Teachers at Bell and Seven Bridges looked to humanize the study of war and genocide and to deepen students understanding of the human consequences of the war. This InstaGrant allowed the students to hear from Sam Mihara, a survivor of the Heart Mountain Japanese Internment Camp in Wyoming. Paired with Judith Altman, a Holocaust survivor, students were able to focus on human rights as a key component of this curriculum.

Laurie Lichtenstein and Jason Lummel, Seven Bridges Middle School and Bell Middle School

Sphero BOLT Power Pack ($2711.71)

This InstaGrant allowed for the purchase of a case of 15 Sphero BOLT programmable robots and chargers for the Seven Bridges STEAM Center. The Sphero BOLT is a ball the size of an orange that can be driven and coded. By integrating the Sphero BOLT into the STEAM curriculum, students will learn foundational computer science skills and apply them to logic and problem solving across curricular areas.

Jenny Gieras, Seven Bridges Middle School STEAM Center

7B Golf ($2275.97)

This InstaGrant funded the purchase of a SNAG (Starting New At Golf) golf equipment package to be used as a part of the Physical Education curriculum at Seven Bridges. The equipment funded by this grant is designed to introduce students to the game of golf, while also engaging more experienced players.

Brady Kittredge, Chrissy Catapano, Matt Simone, Travis Edwards, Physical Education Department; Seven Bridges Middle School



Flexible Seating for 2nd Grade Class ($946.80)

This InstaGrant funded a pilot of flexible seating cushions for Sarah Alley’s 2nd Grade class.  The goal of this grant was to provide a personalized educational experience for each student while increasing student stamina and focus.  

Sarah Alley, Second Grade Teacher and Abby Gitlin, Occupational Therapist, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School

Our 2020 Traditional Grants

These grants were approved by CSF in the spring of 2020 and will be implemented in classrooms during the 2020-2021 school year.


Academic Commons Repurposing Project ($50,000)

In response to the call of Greeley students for a space for students to relax, congregate and socialize, the Student Life Coordinator convened a committee of students and faculty to reimagine the Greeley Academic Commons as a place devoted to social/emotional well-being. By surveying the student body and interviewing teachers clinicians and administrators, the Committee came up with a set of goals for the space to facilitate its use as a place to unwind, gather with friends, hold club meetings and display student created content. While final room layout and furniture selection is still being determined, this grant will provide the bulk of the funds necessary to bring the reimagined space to reality.

Matthew Friedler, Horace Greeley Student Life Coordinator; Priya Ma, Science Teacher, Daniel Valentin, English Teacher and the Horace Greeley Academic Commons Redesign Committee


Enhancing Diversity in Elementary Classroom Libraries ($30,500)

This grant supports the diversification of elementary classroom libraries across the District. Recognizing that books are both “Windows” through which readers learn about others who may be different from them and “Mirrors” where they see themselves and their families reflected in the characters and stories, this grant aims to expand classroom libraries to include more authors, characters, and storylines to more accurately reflect the diversity of our community and world. Through this grant, each District teacher K-4 will be given an allowance to select books from a curated list to enhance their classroom selections of books for read-alouds, book clubs and individual choice reading.

Adam Pease, CCSD Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction; Jamie Edelman, Director of Literacy; Alissa Stoever, Assistant Principal, Westorchard Elementary School; Jennifer Thompson, Staff Developer


Enhancing Physical Education Through Visual Displays ($24,173)

This grant builds upon the work Westorchard physical education teachers have been doing integrating technology, particularly use of iPads, into gym instruction using a variety of tools, resources and apps. Adding large formats displays on both sides of the Westorchard gymnasium allows students and teachers to share work they have done on their iPads, and use a broad range of teaching tools such as videos, images and diagramming to deliver curriculum. By using large screens to display instructions for activity sequencing, teachers will be able to more effectively work with individual students and groups to ensure concept mastery by all.

Mike McNeece, Tom Williams, Physical Education Teachers, Westorchard Elementary School

Traverse Climbing Wall ($9,433)

This grant funds the installation of a traverse climbing wall with a mat system and versa challenge course in the west gym of Douglas Grafflin elementary school. Through use of this wall students will have opportunities to work together, take risks, accomplish challenges, and enhance problem solving techniques.

Ryan Spillane, Physical Education Teacher, Douglas Grafflin Elementary School

Westorchard Cafetorium Sound and Video System ($32,638)

This grant supports the upgrade of the sound and video system in the Westorchard cafetorium. By enhancing the audio visual capabilities in this shared space, this grant will support theater productions, grade level performances, whole-school assemblies and other events for all Westorchard students.

James Skoog, Principal, Westorchard Elementary School