Participating Schools


The HGHS CSF Student Advisory Council (SAC)  includes a dedicated leadership team that oversees all CSF SAC activities and meets regularly with the six other CSF SAC Officers and Executive Trainees (see below), and CSF Board SAC Committee Co-Chairs.  The leadership team plans and runs the meetings and reviews all core deliverables, providing feedback to CSF SAC members.  The leaders of the SAC for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Co-Presidents: Georgie Goldstein, Matt Friedman, and Sophia Rutman

These elected officers oversee all CSF SAC activities, run the meetings, and review deliverables, providing feedback to CSF SAC members.  The Co-Presidents are the primary liaison with HGHS administration and CSF Board SAC Committee co-chairs and Committee members.  Co-Presidents are elected by the CSF SAC student members and choose the remaining leadership positions based on a review of student applications.  

Chief Data Analytics OfficerGeorgie Goldstein

This person oversees all data analysis work, including setting the direction for the data collection methodology, supervising data analysis and reviewing data quality before it is presented.  

Chief Operations Officer:  Matt Friedman

This person coordinates and secures the meeting schedule and place, creates and oversees grant interview and analysis timeline, gets food and beverage for the meetings, and ensures people stay on task.

Middle School SAC Supervisor: Sophia Rutman

This person oversees all activities related to the middle school SACs. Middle School SAC Supervisors act as a liaison between the respective Middle School SAC Representatives and the CSF board for all topics.

Chief Communications Officer: Noah Falbaum

This person heads recruiting and marketing, organizes future outreach efforts of outreach, and establishes and supports the Seven Bridges and Bell Middle School CSF SACs.

Director of Quality Control: Caroline Bomback

This person creates project and deliverable templates, reviews deliverables for consistency of findings and appearance, records meeting minutes and catches up people who missed meetings.

Chief Human Resources Officer: Kayla Singer

This person takes attendance and assigns students to grants, tracks collection of key forms, and advises on personnel issues.

Sharktank Leads: Sami Polikoff and Lauren Levine

These lead manage the planning, implementation and follow-up of the CSF SAC shark tank, including issuing the directions, developing the award rubric, and following up with participants to assist them in grant development.

Website Manager: Matt Friedman

This person designs, edits and manages the CSF Website, keeping pages up to date with annual grant listings, grant analysis information, fundraising events,  and media, as well as contributes to the curation of content for webpages.



SAC Lead: David Katz

The Seven Bridges CSF SAC, which consists of elected student government members and students who responded to a school-wide invitation, worked with teacher advisors Max Tortorello-Allen and Elliot Semel to brainstorm grant ideas, review and summarize grant applications, and interview CSF Seven Bridges grant recipients.



SAC Lead: Grace Ullman

The Bell Student Leadership Council, which consists of elected student government representatives, brainstormed and worked with teacher advisors Justin Olive and Meredith Green to submit two student-written grants to CSF.



Third grade teachers Mara Cohen and Warren Whitney created a Grant SharkTank process, which they incorporated into their “Changing the World” persuasive writing unit. All students in their classes brainstormed grant ideas, developed slides, and presented their grant ideas to 3rd grade classes, school administrators and CSF Board Members for a “best idea” vote.